Case Results

Multiple Appraisals /Omitted Property

An office building was back-assessed for prior years creating multiple tax delinquencies along with penalties and interest. The owner protested under the wrong provision and failed to pay any tax.  This caused the dismissal of the original appeal.  By pursuing a subsequent appeal under an alternative remedy the appraisal district acknowledged the building had been assessed on another account.  The records corrected and all back taxes were zeroed out.

Appraisal Correction

An oil company’s defunct subsidiary stored salvage parts with a third party. The appraisal district valued the parts at $1.5 million. Protest deadlines passed, and a delinquent tax suit loomed.  Through diligent representation, the collection suit was successfully halted and the appraisal account inactivated after showing no inventory existed.

Agricultural Valuation

A working ranch lost its open-space designation at an ARB hearing. Representing the owner in the following year, arguments and evidence were presented substantiating the property’s agricultural use. The ARB granted the open-space designation saving the owner over $100,000.  Moreover, the ruling helped facilitate a favorable litigation settlement involving the unfavorable valuation issued the prior year.

Heavy Equipment Dealers

After obtaining a favorable ARB ruling involving heavy equipment inventory, the appraisal district sought to rescind the ARB decision, which it did.  In the subsequent hearing, the value was sustained at $12.5 million.  Retained to seek relief short of litigation, the ARB agreed to stay approval of the second decision. Through research and working with the appraisal district's attorneys the matter was resolved.  This resulted in an $8 million reduction, saving $225,000 in property taxes.

Charitable Exemptions

The ARB panel upheld the appraisal district’s recommendation denying a community health center’s (CHODO) charitable exemption. Working with the appraisal district after the fact the exemption was reinstated for all years saving over $24,000 in property taxes.


Rental cars licensed elsewhere were taxed based on renditions showing they were located in Harris County.  Prior litigation and settlements existed. Yet, the appraisal district nonetheless agreed to modify the appraisal accounts by agreement. This resulted in tax refunds amounting to over $1.3 million for the current and prior tax years being issued.