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Texas Property Tax Attorney

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Texas Property Tax Attorney

For over 25 years, Michael Saegert has carved out a niche in property taxation law. With an unwavering focus on this area, he's honed our skills to successfully assist individuals, businesses, and governmental entities with their property tax needs. "Where others only saw problems, I find solutions".

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you. Based in Houston, Texas, and serving clients all across the state, we're your partner in navigating property tax issues. Let's work together towards a solution that works for you. Consultations are always free.

  • Property Tax Protests

  • Exemption issues, appraisal corrections

  • Appraisal Litigation

  • Delinquent Tax Matters

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Our Approach

Our approach is simple: we're here to help you seek and obtain property tax relief.

Through extensive experience and knowledge, we're able to guide you through the system effectively and in a cost-efficient manner.

Advocating for your rights and striving to reduce your tax burden is our priority. We're not just another law firm; we're your partner in preventing over-taxation.

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Here to Help You Seek & Obtain Property Tax Relief

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Here to Help You Seek & Obtain Property Tax Relief

Facing property tax issues? You don't have to do it alone. With Michael Saegert, Attorney at Law, you have a seasoned property tax attorney by your side. Achieving tangible results for you is our focus, whether it's lowering your property taxes, handling disputes, or providing guidance through the valuation process.

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Our Fee Structure: 35% Contingency Std.

The following fee structure contemplates legal representation before an Appraisal Review Board or Appraisal District only.  It does not and should not be inferred as a solicitation for any other purpose.

COST:  A contingency fee structure should meet three requirements.  It should be 1) transparent, 2) clear, 3) and reasonable.  For these reasons, my standard fee for legal representation in an ARB or Appraisal District matter is based on a 35% contingency fee.  No additional fees are added.  In my opinion, the bulk of any tax savings should stay with you, the client. It's that simple.

EXPECTATION:  I believe indirect fees should be avoided.  The contingency fee structure accounts for this by excluding charges for things, such as "value-added" service and maintenance fees, or minimum flat fees.  Similarly, fees not directly related to reducing your overall tax liability are excluded.  

PERFORMANCE:  While I believe my fee structure is lower than most, this does not suggest the professional services provided are inferior.  First, I strive to be proactive and review the subject property beforehand.  And second, I seek to establish a long-term relationship with the client.  Sticking to these principles results in a quality client base that reduces administrative costs substantially. Thus fees remain affordable, while client satisfaction remains high -- A WIN-WIN SITUATION! 

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Michael Saegert

Attorney at Law

Michael Saegert is more than just an experienced attorney; he's a native Texan with a passion for helping his community. A graduate of South Texas College of Law Houston, Michael is a down-to-earth person who loves to fish.

This passion reflects his approach to life and law—it's not always about the catch but enjoying the adventure and tackling challenges head-on.

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