Introduction: As an accomplished attorney with over 25 years of experience, I have represented individuals, businesses, and governmental entities with a special emphasis on property taxation.  Focusing on this one area has allowed me to hone my legal skills to successfully assist my clients with their property tax needs.

Background: I am a native Texan being born and raised in Austin, Texas.  After graduating from St. Edwards University in Austin with an Economics Degree I began work as a Property Casualty Underwriter before relocating to Houston.  From here I obtained my law degree from South Texas College of Law Houston in 1996. 

This set the stage for my career as a Property Tax Attorney, courtesy of the Harris County Attorney's office. While interning there, I assisted the Assistant County Attorney assigned to the Harris County Appraisal District.  And upon passing the bar I was offered the position of in-house counsel, which no major metropolitan appraisal district had at the time. 

I am continually grateful for my service as a public attorney.  For it provided clear insight into the inner workings of the property tax system in Texas.  More importantly, this fostered long-standing relationships with some of the most well-respected professionals within the property tax industry as well as some of my closest friends.

Personal Interest:  The enthusiasm to do something one likes to do tells you a lot about that person's character and approach to life.  My personal interest has always been fishing.  You see my love for fishing isn’t founded on catching a huge fish … or even catching a fish at all.  It instead allows me to be outdoors, enjoy the adventure and challenge presented, to experience the thrill of the chase ... to dream.

I go fishing I don't take the problems of the job with me,

and I seldom contemplate deep legal issues when I'm out there.
Frank Sikora, The Judge